NEW POETRY COLLECTION: Published on 25th May 2018 by Bloodaxe Books: OUT OF THE ASHES contains Frieda’s favourite poems from her first four Bloodaxe collections spanning ten years: Wooroloo, Stonepicker, Waxworks and The Book of Mirrors.    (Forty-five and Alternative Values are not included.)

ISBN: 978-1-78037-403-1  Paperback: £12

Work on her book about rearing owls continues…………..


Alternative  - cover with titles

(NB: cover is shown the correct way up!)

ALTERNATIVE VALUES - A gift for any occasion: Frieda Hughes’s illustrated poetry collection contains poems for love, marriage, life, death and addresses some of her childhood experiences as daughter of the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

Published by Bloodaxe Books Ltd   Paperback £12.00 ISBN: 9781780372662

E-book £10.95 ISBN: 9781780372679



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