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GIFT IDEAS:  Would you like a painting with the title of your birthday or wedding anniversary to celebrate either of those occasions – or Christmas?  For 400 days beginning 28th November 2015 and ending on 31st December 2016 I painted my daily experiences overnight, every night, dating the paintings accordingly.  Colours and shapes came to mean moods and happenings; yellow was happiness; orange – friends; blue – a sense of self and contentment; white – peacefulness; brown – obligation and restriction; black – difficulty; red – pain or sorrow; grey – exhaustion or tiredness depending on the shade; green – the joy of being able to work on my poetry or some other creative writing:  email me at and, if it hasn’t already sold, I’ll send you an image to help you decide.  Price: £2,500 for the framed original 25.5 x 35.5cm oil on canvas.


No 5 – 2nd December 2015:    

No 71 – 6th February 2016:     

No 97 – 3rd March 2016:          

No 327 – 19th October 2016:   

No 355 – 16th November 2016:

No 394 – 25th December 2016:


OUT OF THE ASHES: Published on 25th May 2018 by Bloodaxe Books. OUT OF THE ASHES contains a wealth of my favourite poems from my first four Bloodaxe collections spanning ten years: Wooroloo, Stonepicker, Waxworks and The Book of Mirrors.    (Forty-five and Alternative Values poems are not included.)

ISBN: 978-1-78037-403-1  Paperback: £12



ALTERNATIVE VALUES - A gift for any occasion: my illustrated poetry collection contains poems for love, marriage, life, death and addresses some of my childhood experiences as daughter of the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath.

Published by Bloodaxe Books Ltd   Paperback £12.00 ISBN: 9781780372662

E-book £10.95 ISBN: 9781780372679


Alternative  - cover with titles

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